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Strategic Overview


South Africa as a global leader in the development and use of information and communication technologies for socio-economic development.


Building a better life for all through an enabling and sustainable world class information and communication technologies environment.


The value system of the Department of Telecommunications & Postal Services indicates the difference between right and wrong in the operating environment in accordance with what is personally and sociably acceptable and expected of the public service cadre of a Development State.

It provides fundamental beliefs that influence individual and organisational decision-making and behaviour as the Department aspires to be the employer of choice in the public service and the preferred place in the ICT sector for intellectual stimulation, leadership growth and national contribution.

The workforce for the Department of Telecommunications & Postal Services considers the values in order to encompass common and paramount strengths, responsibilities, and opportunities.

The Department of Telecommunications & Postal Services Value System are as follows:

  • Transparency;
  • Respect;
  • Accountability;
  • Fairness;
  • Integrity;
  • Excellence; and
  • Innovation.

The above-mentioned values are the driving force of the implementation of the Department of Telecommunications & Postal Services' prorates in a manner that is consistent with the vision, mission and aspirations of the Department as well as the national goals of our country.


  • Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 1: Competitiveness and economic growth of the ICT industry

Goal Statement: Enable the maximisation of investment in the ICT sector and create new competitive business opportunities for the growth of the ICT industry for socio-economic development

  • Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 2: Accessibility, reliability and affordability of secured ICT Infrastructure

Goal Statement: Ensure that ICT infrastructure is accessible, robust, reliable, affordable and secure to meet the needs of the country and its people 

  • Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 3: Building of an inclusive Information Society 

Goal Statement: Accelerate the socio-economic development of South Africans and facilitate the building of an inclusive Information Society through partnerships with business and civil society and 3 spheres of Government

  • Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 4: Performance of Dtps and ICT State Owned Entities

Goal Statement: Improve Departmental performance and enhance the role of ICT SOEs as the delivery arms of Government 

  • Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 5: Contribution to the global ICT agenda

Goal Statement: Contribute to the global ICT agenda prioritising Africa’s development