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Minister Cwele launches the Hammarsdale Community Cyber Lab

cwele hammarsdale

Minister Cwele delivers the keynote address at the handover of the Hammarsdale Community Cyber Lab 24 June 2016. Minister Cwele delivered on a promise made in December 2015 to an SMME gathering in Hammarsdale to have a Cyber Lab installed at the Sizakala Community Centre.

The Hammarsdale Community Cyber Lab infrastructure includes 20 laptops, a server, digital overhead projector and a printer.

The DTPS has partnered with the National Electronic Media Institute of SA (NEMISA) to provide basic ICT training to 20 Hammarsdale SMMEs. This training includes skills that will help the entrepreneurs to do the following:

•  Create awareness on the role of ICTs for the development of viable and sustainable SMMEs;
•  Increase uptake and usage of ICTs, internet in particular;
•  Increase the visibility of the business enterprise to people trying to find services online (which is an effective marketing tool);
• Extend market access/reach of SMMEs from local (Hammersdale) to a global one.


Minister Cwele said that the internet has emerged as the greatest equaliser in our time. He said it has the power to make opportunities available to all, irrespective of their background. Minister Cwele reiterated that in order to meet this call, the DTPS is rolling out broadband which is affordable, fast, reliable and secure internet to all citizens. The Minister said this was being done as part of the Wrollout through the national policy called South Africa Connect. This policy is the tool the DTPS is using to bring modern communication tools and services to all citizens.