Minister Cwele attends the 3rd BRICS Communication Ministers meeting in Hangzou, China

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Communication Ministers from the BRICS group gathered to further discuss digital transformation during the third BRICS Communications Ministers' Meeting in Hangzhou. Leading IT and communications companies from the BRICS countries also participated in a round-table, with the group publishing a ministerial declaration on information technology. 

These are the key points from the BRICS Declaration:
1. Encourage transformation of sector: infrastructure & innovation through smart technology.

2. Transformation through SMME participation in economy & industrial development of new applications

3. Joint collaboration on standards development to transform industry and break monopolies


BRICS nations will step up cooperation on information security, as digital communication technology plays an increasingly important role in driving economic growth, ministers from the five countries said in a statement on Thursday.

South Africa, China, Brazil, Russia and India realize that the increasing application of information communication technology is bringing tremendous opportunities, but also new security threats, which came as the third meeting of BRICS communication ministers concluded in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province in China.