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Legislative Mandate

  • To leverage ICT as a strategic resource to enable government to improve service delivery and to meet the challenges faced by a developmental state.

Financial Relation

  • Transfer of funds

Nature of Operations

  • Provides decentralised, On-Site management & On-Site support to the LAN infrastructure on the client’s environment, but not limiting it to decentralised management & support that encompasses the integrated control, operational support, monitoring and maintenance of the local area network.

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Legislative Mandate

  • To be recognised as the wholesale provider of choice for backhaul connectivity.


Financial Relation

  • Transfer of funds


Nature of Operations

  • To ensure that the high capacity connectivity and bandwidth requirements for specific projects of national interests are met


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  • To administer, regulate and issues licenses in terms of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (2002) 


  • Transfer of funds


  • The Domain Name Authority must administer and manage the .za domain name space, comply with international best practice in the administration of the .za domain name space; license and regulate registries and  registrars for the respective registries and publish guidelines




Portfolio Organisations

The Department has six State Owned Companies and one shareholding. The Department ensures that the public entities function effectively and efficiently by facilitating the alignment of all corporate strategic plans to reflect the outputs and outcomes as outlined in government priorities and mandates.

The Department provides oversight on State Owned Companies by managing government’s shareholder interests in public enterprises. This includes facilitating entities’ corporate plans and ensuring that planning cycles are aligned with and comply with guidelines.

Promote good governance and legislative compliance in all six public reporting to the department by continuously monitoring and enforcing compliance with applicable legislation through the analysis of reports by relevant companies

The SOC’s function as service delivery arm of Government that ensures accelerated socioeconomic development growth and development of ICT sector and promote access to Information Communications Technology tools.


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